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Submental fat refers to a double chin and fullness or fat under the chin. The appearance of the chin profile can now be improved with a non-surgical office treatment called Belkyra™.

What causes fullness under the chin?

This common facial aesthetic concern affects both women and men even if they are slim and fit. Causes may include aging, genetics and weight gain. Diet and exercise may not help with the under chin fullness which may make you feel or look older and heavier than you actually are.

What is Belkyra™?

It is the first non-surgical treatment for the improvement of the appearance and profile of fullness under the chin.
It targets and eliminates fat cells when injected into the fat beneath the chin.
It is an injectable office treatment that takes about 20 minutes.
It is a prescription medication and special training is required.
It is customized to help achieve individual treatment goals.
Two to 4 treatments may be required and once goals are achieved, re-treatment is not expected.
Since the fat cells are destroyed, the result is a slimmer, more contoured appearance.

How does Belkyra™ work?

The active ingredient is deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. Belkyra™ is a synthetic product that is injected into the fat under the chin to destroy fat cells so they can no longer store or accumulate fat. The natural healing process improves the chin profile.

Is there downtime?

Downtime occurs most commonly after the first treatment. Immediately, there may be some stinging or pain during the treatment and it may last for a few days. Swelling and bruising can last for 2 weeks. Some discomfort, numbness and firmness may last for several weeks. Severe side effects are rare but may include nerve injury with an uneven smile, facial muscle weakness or trouble swallowing.

What is the interval between treatments?

Treatments are performed about 2 months apart.

Who may not be a candidate for Belkyra™?

Avoid Belkyra™ if you are planning a surgical face or neck lift or liposuction, if you have had medical conditions around the neck including redness, swelling, pain or lumps, or if you have difficulty swallowing.

Belkyra™ should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are allergic to deoxycholic acid, or if you have a current infection in your chin area.

Can Belkyra™ be combined with other treatments?

Definitely! Botox, fillers, RF and laser treatments all complement Belkyra™ to help smooth and tighten the neck.

Belkyra™ treatment sarnia

Belkyra™ treatment sarnia