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Facial Peels (Chemical Peels)

Chemical peeling is an in office procedure. After properly analyzing the skin type and treatment goals, the technician decides on the type of peeling agent or agents and their concentration. The peeling agent is typically made of naturally occurring acids such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Glycolic Acid, Lactic and Retinoic Acids. These acids are derived from fruits and vegetables. The selection of the chemical agent also depends on the extent and depth of skin damage. The skin is first cleansed and toned to remove excess oil and determine skins sensitivity. The peeling agents are then applied in layers gently onto the lesion or on the full face until the "end point" is achieved.

What skin types and problems best respond to Chemical Peeling?

Both men and women of all skin types are candidates for chemical peels.

What does Chemical Peeling Treat?

Chemical Peeling is useful in treating sun induced hyper pigmentation (photo damage), superficial scars as a result of acne, freckles and lentignes. Will help correct superficial lines and wrinkles and minimize appearance of dilated pores.

What happens post Chemical Peel?

During or shortly after the procedure, the patient might experience warmth or a stinging sensation similar to a sun burn anywhere from 2 – 48 hours maximum. Minimal peeling may follow for up to 7 days. The procedure may be repeated after 3 weeks or when recommended by your technician. Home care is required to ensure proper post treatment care. 

Facial Chemical Peels are a very cost effective treatment solution.