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Medical Weight Loss Program

Lose pounds and inches quickly, safely and effectively.

MedAesthetics offers medically supervised weight loss, which is fast, safe, and very effective!

There are people who find that they have tried every diet and exercise plan but that they still can't lose weight beyond their "set point".  There are others who simply want to lose weight quickly and maintain that new weight.

We offer both a long program which is 12 appointments over 12 weeks and a short program which is 6 appointments over 6 weeks.  The short program is design for people who want to lose 10-12 lbs of body fat while the long program is for those who want to lose 20 or more lbs.

The program is structured to eliminate body fat without the loss of lean body mass or a decrease in your metabolism.

Dr. Kucerova oversees the program and weekly visits are with qualified staff.

We analyze your body composistion with the Inbody 520 scale weekly and make adjustments necessary to the program.

A comprehensive program manual is given with full menus and tracking sheets.