Project Description

We use Juvederm® Ultra & Ultra Plus, Volbella and Voluma from Allergan & Radiesse and Belotero from Merz Aesthetics & Teosyal from Teoxane
The newest fillers now come with Lidocaine for increased comfort during injection without the need for freezing or dental block techniques.

Fillers can be used to:

  • Treat depressed scars
  • Better define the lips Increase fullness of the lips
  • Fill in grooves in the mouth area Fill in fine lines around the lips
  • Fill deep grooves around the nose, mouth, eyes (including the treatment of tear trough & frown lines)
  • Brow lift

Dermal fillers are derived from hyaluronan, a natural substance found in human tissue. This treatment fills out and smoothes away lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and enhances the lip size and shape. Results are immediate with minimal recovery time. Because dermal fillers are a natural substance, there is no need for a skin test, therefore allowing a same-day treatment. A high concentration of hyaluronic acid will provide you with a lasting effect for 6-9 months and with deeper placed filler (Voulma) up to 2 years.

A numbing cream is commonly used for greater patient comfort.

To maintain optimal correction, you may need maintenance treatments every 3 to 6 months, depending on the indication treated and the amount of product used. It is suggested to retreat the area before it returns to its pre-treatment state.

Risks and Complications

Redness, swelling and pain at the injection site may occur after treatment. Induration, or a hardening of the skin in the form of nodules, is a rare but a possible side effect. Temporary discolouration may also appear at the injection site but this will disappear as the product is reabsorbed by the enzymes in the body.

Choosing your Injector:

When you are choosing a person or a site to have your injection treatments, there are certain qualifications of which you must be aware. These procedures should only be performed by trained medical technicians, i.e., a physician or a nurse, who have an in-depth knowledge about facial anatomy, the chemical composition of the product, various injection techniques and the ability to treat or recognize any complications that may arise. If you are receiving a treatment from an aesthetic nurse specialist, she must be under the direction of a physician who is also trained to do these procedures. Ask about their medical education and where they have been trained to do the injection procedures. Are they maintaining this training by attending annual update courses? These treatments should be done in a clean, clinical environment by someone who can recognize the importance of sterile techniques.

Dr. Kucerova has undergone extensive training and certification in cosmetic medical procedures including practical training from one of the world’s leading Botox® injectors and has completed all requirements in the Allergan Clinical Consultants Program, becoming Sarnia Lambton’s only Allergan Certified Botox® & Juvederm™ Injector. Dr. Kucerova continues to attend advanced trainings which are only available to top injectors, including injection technique and treatment protocols. Dr. Kucerova is recognized by Allergan Inc. as one of the country’s top Botox and Juvederm injectors and is now involved in training other physicians.

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Derma Fillers MedAesthetics Sarnia

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