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Skin Lesion Removal:

Skin Tags – Benign Lesions (Seborrheic Keratoses) - Warts - Milia - Sebaceous Hyperplasia - Xanthelasma - Cherry Angiomas

**This service is NOT covered by OHIP**

We are not operating as a dermatology clinic. You should always check with your family physician, dermatologist or nurse practitioner prior to making an appointment. If the lesion is suspicious and requires biopsy, or if a skin tag is too large it will not be treated, you will need to see your family physician for referral for biopsy / excision with an appropriate provider.

We have many years experience in safely and effectively removing many types of benign lesions including skin tags, various types of warts, milia, sebaceous hyperplasia, keratoses, cholesterol deposits, xanthelasma, cherry angiomas, etc. 

We utilize many different treatment options depending on the type of lesion and other circumstances.

Treatment options include:

Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen)

CO2 laser ablation

Erbium laser ablation

RF needle

577 nm Yellow laser

1064 Nd-YAG laser

755 nm Alexandrite laser

Levulan (ALA-5)

Cost of treatment ranges from $75-$300 per treatment depending on the number of lesions & type of treatment. (Xanthelasma $150-$600 per treatment)  Multiple treatments may be required.  Full estimates will be provided at time of consultation.

Most supplies are provided at time of treatment, however in some cases prescription ointments and other aftercare ointments may be prescribed.

Although these treatments are not covered by OHIP, they would qualify for reimbursement through most Health Spending Accounts.