The Cost of Beauty

Written by medaesthetics_admin · January 20, 2022

Written by: Dena Kent Esbjerg of First Monday

Aging, along with other factors like sun exposure and daily stress, can take a toll on your skin. As you age, your skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid which are important for the structure, texture, and volume of the skin. Your skin may appear dry, and dull and for many your skin’s ability to heal itself decreases significantly with age, making it vulnerable to damage from environmental factors.

If every time you look in the mirror and notice a few more fine lines and wrinkles have formed, and get bothered by them, you may really benefit from a visit to medaesthetics. The anti-aging solutions they have available not only reverse the effects of aging but also prevent them from occurring in the future, knocking years off your appearance.

Dr. John O’Mahony and his wife Melissa O’Mahony are a dynamic husband-and-wife team and have developed an extremely friendly and professional team at MedAesthetics, that will assist you with all your needs. They have a keen interest in non-surgical skin procedures and cosmetic medicine that can benefit you, and the beautiful relaxing atmosphere will make you feel at ease.

Their state-of-the-art technology combined with their advanced knowledge of anatomy will make it easy to start your journey with them. A consultation with one of their experts will have you on your way to a more beautiful you.

They are Sarnia’s premier provider in laser treatments and can address a wide variety of concerns including unwanted tattoos, undesirable hair, rosacea, pigmentation, skin lesions and signs of aging. The injectables and fillers are very popular if you are looking for a more natural, youthful look. Cosmetic Botox is a quick and effective treatment in reducing fine lines and wrinkles and the dermal fillers help in restoring your skin’s volume, soften the appearance of wrinkles and enhance your facial features.

Cassie Rodd, is one of MedAesthetics professional skin care technicians that assists with the Optic Elite assessment scan. This state-of-the-art equipment provides you with ten different scans of your facial skin showing detailed information about your face, including underlying pigmentation from sun damage that has yet to surface, clogged pores, discolouration, texture, and overall condition of the skin. It is an excellent service that allows our team to make informed recommendations and ensures we are providing you with the best skincare products and ingredients for your unique skin condition, says Rodd, adding that all their creams are medical grade which have a much higher level of active ingredients and absorption as opposed to other skin care products.

The services at MedAesthetics do not stop at skin care. Their revolutionary non-surgical body contouring treatments – CoolSculpting and EMSCULPT safely use modern technology to reduce fat cells in the body or increase muscle tone. Customized treatment plans are offered and progress is tracked by Dr. John O’Mahony’s highly trained team of professionals. So, if you are tired of spending time at the gym and not seeing the results you have been looking for then setting up a consultation will start you on your way to great results.

There are many non-surgical, positive-aging solutions available to you, ranging from laser treatments, hair restoration, the treatment of scarring, to injectables, fillers and women’s health. And although it may come with a cost, it’s much less invasive procedures far out-weigh any surgical procedure available. Gem VIP Memberships are a great way for you to save year round on both products and procedures and allows the team to offer solutions to all or any concerns you may have.

As always, preventing or slowing the aging process is your first and the best option, which means you should always maintain a healthy lifestyle and stick to your daily skincare routine to make sure that your skin is healthy. But like most of us we are not always paying attention to our everyday regimes, so a visit to MedAesthetics should be on top of your list. They will guide you every step of the way to a new, beautiful you.